August 29th, 2013

but fuck

согласие и несогласие

имеенно ТАК

Maybe - возможно
Yes, sure - да, конечно
You are right - вы правы
Very well - очень хорошо
Most likely - очень похоже на то
Unlikely - непохоже на то
Not a bit! / No such thing - ничего подобного
I believe so / suppose so - полагаю, что это так
I don't think so - думаю, что нет
I doubt it - сомневаюсь

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10 уроков жизни от Хемингуэя.


Nothing is perfect the first time
The first draft of anything is shit.”

Guess how many times I’ve had to revise this article? Hemingway is right, the first draft will always end up terrible. No matter how skilled you think you may be or how much heart you bleed into your writing, it will be terrible if you don’t put more effort. There is always going to be something that can be improved or maybe you’ll catch a mistake in the second run through.

This goes for anything in life, the first time is guaranteed to be terrible. How do you improve at anything? Only through the second, third, and thousandth try do you become a master. Even then, there’s room for more growth, never stop growing. If Hemingway can’t create perfection in one go, neither can you.

Use life’s hardships to grow
The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

Life is hard, that much is clear. Everyone struggles through it and..Collapse )