July 19th, 2013

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100 английских восклицаний

Смешной Морган Фримен в кабинке моментального фото.

Ack communicates disgust or dismissal.

Ah can denote positive emotions like relief or delight, generally, pronounced with a long a.

Aha signals triumph or surprise, or perhaps derision.
Ahem is employed to gain attention.
Argh, often drawn out with additional h’s, is all about frustration.

Aw can be dismissive or indicative of disappointment, or,
when drawn out, expressive of sympathy or adoration.

Aye denotes agreement.
Bah is dismissive.
Blah communicates boredom or disappointment.

Blech or bleah or bleh implies nausea.
Boo is an exclamation to provoke fright.

Boo-hoo is imitative of crying and is derisive.

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