June 4th, 2013


"хороша во всём". тест. выберите правильный вариант.

люди завидуют ей, потому что она хороша во всём.

people envy her because she is good in all.
people envy her because she is good at all.
people envy her because she is good in everything.
people envy her because she is good at everything
people envy her because she is good about all.
послушаю других.
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__GRAN canyon

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon flows the mighty Colorado River. It has cut it’s way down through the earth over thousands of years. But at some point, a long time ago, it was just a large stream-поток Maybe just a few feet deep in the middle, running it’s way over the rocky terrain. Grand Canyon. At that time, you probably could have changed it’s course by putting a foot down or by placing a few rocks in it’s path.
Fast forward thousands of years and that stream has become an enormous river. Not only that, it has cut a path into the solid rock that is over a mile deep. At this point, you could spend a lifetime trying to change the course of the river without any success. The path has become so engrained-заканаленой, and the canyon so deep that it’s course cannot be changed.

Everything we do comes down to -сводится к- streams or rivers of nerve impulses running through our brain. The things we have done for a long time, like walking, are deep channels, like the Grand Canyon. The newer things, like learning a new instrument, are just tiny-крошечный little streams in our brain. So the longer we have performed a habit, good or bad, the harder it will be for it to change. This is really the main reason why people have a hard time sticking to a diet or quitting smoking.

1. Control the Spring-источник. Many rivers start from a spring of water coming out of the earth. If you control when and where a river begins, you have a better chance of controlling which direction it flows. If you want to stop eating fast food, don’t drive by your favorite take-out place when you’re hungry. If you end up spending too much time on Facebook when you should be working, delete the Facebook link from your browser so it is just a little harder to get there. Find the triggers or circumstances that lead to the bad habit, and avoid them...Collapse )