May 29th, 2013

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rich and greedy.


[толкование слова greedy...]If you describe someone as greedy, you mean that they want to have
more of something such as food or money than is necessary or fair.
He attacked greedy bosses for awarding themselves big rises.
She is greedy and selfish.

Once, a rich and greedy man fell seriously ill. He called many learned doctors to treat him but no one could give him proper medicines to cure his ailment. In desperation, the ill-man prayed to the God, "God, if you save me from death due to this illness, I will sacrifice a hundred bulls at your altar."

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"в течение какого-то времени". тест. выберите вариант перевода.

после этого он должен был 3 месяца лежать в больнице.

he had to stay in hospital for three months.
he had to stay in hospital during three months.
he had to stay in hospital within three months.
he had to stay in hospital three months.
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