April 5th, 2013


what do you do in your free time-2

вот первая часть. G: I like going for long walks. I have a job in an office where I have to sit all day, so it really feels good to take a walk afterwards. I usually walk about 2 miles after dinner. On the weekends, I walk even more, usually, on the riverbank or in the parks close by.
H: I like driving and making trips by car. I like to travel to the coast, lakes, waterfalls and any place that has water. I like to visit historical places as well. Unfortunately, it seems like gas prices are getting higher every day, so I consider carefully where I go. I have been traveling much less lately.

I: I really enjoy playing soccer with my friends. We meet twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays after work. We’ve been playing together for five years now. We really enjoy our time together. We have a great group of guys who know how to have a good time playing soccer. We try to be careful when we play so that no one gets hurt.
By the end of the game we’re tired but in a good way. Then we often go for a drink together at one of the bars near the sports field and then we go home. One person has to have a coke so that we can drive the others home safely. After playing soccer, I can usually sleep well at night.
J: I like to go hiking in the nearby mountains and springs. Sometimes my friends and I will walk about 6 miles. We build a fire and have a cook out. We grill some hot dogs.

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