March 28th, 2013


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ответ вчерашнее задание. By observing people, I can say that people very broadly seem to fall into two main camps -лагеря: those who seem to have mastered the way of successful living, and those who still find it a bit of a struggle -борьба. People who are content and mostly happy on a day-to-day basis, and in general healthy and getting more out of life. Those who are still struggling tend to be not so happy on the whole, and the enjoyment of life just isn't what it should be.

So what's the secret? The answer comes down to a simple choice. We can all choose to do certain things every day of our lives. Some things we do will make us unhappy, and some things we choose to do will make us happier. I have reasoned that if we follow a few basic "Rules of Life," we tend to get more done, shrug off –струсить- adversity –враждебность- more easily, get more out of life, and spread a little happiness around us as go further. People who play by the Rules seem to bring their luck with them, light up a room when they enter, have more enthusiasm for life, and copeсправляются- better.

все учачаствовавшие в переводе сделали эту ошибку - не написали by перед observing.

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