February 18th, 2013

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личный опыт 11 языков изучения, 20 лет преподавания. перед тем, как выходить на "высокие обороты", в 5 этапов добейтесь среднего уровня: - запомните 300-500 самых нужных слов, - освойте 60% английской грамматики, не просто зная теорию, а в виде готовых шаблонов, - учите…

good qualities that people have.

сделайте перевод выделенных речевых шаблонов.

Punctual. ПО МОЕМУ МНЕНИЮ, being punctual is one of the most important qualities. If 1-ВЫ ОПАЗДЫВАЕТЕ НА an interview, a meeting or work, then you say negative things about yourself. If you are punctual, then people will think that you are reliable too. They will trust you and 2-ВАМ БУДЕТ ПРОЩЕ to get promoted at work. I like to be punctual. If I promise to meet someone at 5pm for example, 3-ТОГДА ВЫ МОЖЕТЕ БЫТЬ НА 100% УВЕРЕНЫ that I will 4-ПОЯВЛЮСЬ at exactly 5 o’clock, if not a little early. Should something come up unexpectedly, then I’ll give the person a call and tell them I’m running late.


Modest. My neighbor is extremely modest 6-НЕСМОТРЯ НА ТО, ЧТО he is rich. He never 7-ХВАСТАЕТ, although he could. He 8-МОГ БЫ ПОЗВОЛИТЬ СЕБЕ (ФИНАНСОВО) to drive a Mercedes or a BMW, 9-ВСЁ ЖЕ he chooses to drive a Ford. He could buy a mansion with 12 bedrooms but he has a house with only four bedrooms. When he comes over to celebrate one of our birthdays, he 10-ЕДВА ЛИ (ОЧЕНЬ РЕДКО) accepts anything we offer him. I respect him for these things so much that I vowed that if I 11-ДОСТИГ some great things in life, I would 12-ОСТАЛСЯ modest too.

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