February 13th, 2013


do you know what education is?

ответ на вчерашнее задание.

___drug dealer

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образовывать разум не образовывая сердце вовсе не образование.
(с) Аристотель

When someone, especially a child, is educated, he or she is taught at a school or college.
He was educated at Haslingden Grammar School.

To educate people means to teach them better ways of doing something or a better way of living.
Drinkwise Day is mainly designed to educate people about the destructive effects of alcohol abuse.

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what do you do in your free time?

A: I read a lot. I like to read works by English writers. My favorite one is Hemingway. I have read “Farewell to Arms” and “Old Man and the Sea” by him. Both books were a fantastic experience. I have seen the film versions too of the latter one starring Spencer Tracy. I got a multitude of books for Christmas because everyone knows that I am crazy about books. Even at night, before I go to bed, I read something using the bedside lamp until I get sleepy.

B: I like to watch TV. I prefer to watch films on nature and science. You can learn a lot by watching them. I like classic movies as well. Marlon Brando and Brad Pitt are my favorite actors. I have seen “The God Father” by Marlon Brando many times. I like movies on history too. It’s interesting to watch past stories come alive on the screen. I enjoy watching a good detective movie as well. I always try to guess who the bad guy is before they are discovered by the detective. I prefer movies about criminals that are based on true stories.

C: Unfortunately, watching TV quite often disrupts my daily routine. Usually, I try to go to sleep around 10pm. However, if there’s a good movie on, which I never want to miss, I stay up until it’s finished no matter how long it takes. This is why I sometimes end up going to bed around midnight. I vowed a couple of times already that I would never stay up after 10pm. Of course I haven’t been good at staying with that.

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100 ways to say I LOVE YOU in Italian and in English

я это уже выкладывал раньше. но тут такой повод ;)

Ti amo! (I love you!) Ti voglio bene. (I love you a lot.)
Ti voglio molto bene. (I love you very much.) Mi piaci molto. (I really like you.)

Ti adoro. (I adore you.) Ti ammiro. (I admire you.)
Sei importante per me. (You are important to me.) Sei tutto per me. (You are everything to me.)

Sono innamorato / innamorata di te. (I'm in love with you.) Ho bisogno di te. (I need you.)

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