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Terminator Eyes: Hi-tech contact lenses show texts and maps.


Imagine texting while driving, or placing a call while showering, without holding your phone in your hands. It’s not sci-fi any more – a new technology allows information like text messages and driving directions to be projected onto a contact lens. The hardware behind this invention is a spherical curved LCD display that can fit into a contact lens, developed by..Read more...Collapse )

some comments. - omg.. robots aren't going to take over the world, we're turning into the robots! I see you government. - nah, its called transhumanism. its inevitable for our evolution. without it robots would actually probably take over the world. we'll eventually evolve into godlike beings due to technology merging with our bodies. look it up..Read more...Collapse )
Tags: простые и легкие тексты на английском

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