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Emotional Waves

свадьба в прыжке

I’ve been coaching people in managing their emotions for about 6 years now. One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is that we are emotional beings much more than we are rational beings.

We think we make decisions and take actions based on logic and reason. But it is rarely so. Most of the time we make decisions and take actions based on emotions, and then we try to justify them rationally. Our emotions are much more influential than we think, and the thinking part of our brain more often than not subordinates itself to them.

Every good marketer, sales person or communicator knows this, at least intuitively..
. Which is why they design their messages to appeal to our emotions much more than to our reasoning.

Still, we can take charge of some of our emotions and drastically alter them for the long-term. And that makes a huge difference in life. But it’s crucial to not delude yourself into thinking you can control or change all your emotions. You can only do so with a minority of them.

This is why you need to pick your battles. Ask yourself: “Where is it most important to take control of my emotions and change them?” Then focus on those areas intensely and seek to do so. As for the other areas, let your emotions be. Ride the emotional wave. It’s not gonna kill you. Choose wisely. (с) Eduard Ezeanu
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