Vладiмiр (1way_to_english) wrote,

а судьи кто? уровень 8 из 10 для русскоязычных.

переведите. как раз те, кто знают тебя меньше всего, являются теми,
кто осуждает тебя больше всего. (с)

если вы переведете просто как "те, кто знают тебя меньше всего, являются теми,
кто осуждает тебя больше всего
", то выйдет уровень 4 из 10.


If you judge something or someone, you form an opinion about them after
you have examined the evidence or thought carefully about them.
It will take a few more years to judge the impact of these ideas...
I am ready to judge any book on its merits...
It's for other people to judge how much I have improved...
The UN withdrew its relief personnel because it judged the situation too dangerous...
I judged it to be one of the worst programmes ever screened...
The doctor judged that the man's health had, up to the time of the wound, been good

If you say that something is true as far as you can judge or so far as you can judge, you are assuming
that it is true, although you do not know all the facts about it.
The book, so far as I can judge, is remarkably accurate.
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