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чего следует избегать лидерам.

A significant amount or effect is large enough to be important or
affect a situation to a noticeable degree.
A small but significant number of 11-year-olds are illiterate.
...foods that offer a significant amount of protein...

A significant fact, event, or thing is one that is important or shows something.
I think it was significant that he never knew his own father.

Something or someone that is an asset is considered useful or
helps a person or organization to be successful.
Her leadership qualities were the greatest asset of the Conservative Party...

The assets of a company or a person are all the things that they own. (BUSINESS)
By the end of 1989 the group had assets of 3.5 billion francs.

If you describe someone or something as unpredictable, you mean that you cannot tell
what they are going to do or how they are going to behave.
He is utterly unpredictable.
...Britain's notoriously unpredictable weather.

If you say that someone is exploiting you, you think that they are treating you unfairly by using
your work or ideas and giving you very little in return.
Critics claim he exploited black musicians for personal gain.
...the plight of the exploited sugar cane workers.

If you say that someone is exploiting a situation, you disapprove of them because
they are using it to gain an advantage for themselves,
rather than trying to help other people or do what is right.
The government and its opponents compete to exploit the troubles to their advantage.

The value of something such as a quality, attitude, or method is its importance or usefulness.
If you place a particular value on something, that is the importance or usefulness you think it has.
Further studies will be needed to see if these therapies have any value...
Ronnie put a high value on his appearance.

If you say that someone has an obsession with a person or thing,
you think they are spending too much time thinking about them.
She would try to forget her obsession with Christopher...
95% of patients know their obsessions are irrational.
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