Vладiмiр (1way_to_english) wrote,

любовный треугольник.

переведите. если у тебя есть выбор между мной и ей, выбери её.
потому что если бы ты любил меня на самом деле, не было бы выбора. (с)


If you choose someone or something from several people or things
that are available, you decide which person or thing you want to have.
They will be able to choose their own leaders in democratic elections...
This week he has chosen Peter Mandelson to replace Mo Mowlam...
There are several patchwork cushions to choose from...
Houston was chosen as the site for the convention...
He did well in his chosen profession.

Your choice is someone or something that you choose from a range of things.
Although he was only grumbling, his choice of words made Rodney angry.
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