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actual story. actually, I am...

ответ на вчерашнее задание.

____true story

картинкой это я нагуглил. и ещё такой вариант есть. "Based on actual events".
то, что я первый раз в фильме услышал, звучит так. "Real life story".

You use actual to emphasize that you are referring to something real or genuine.= real
The segments are filmed using either local actors or the actual people involved...
Officials admit the actual number of AIDS victims is much higher than statistics reflect.

You use actually when you are correcting or contradicting someone.
No, I'm not a student. I'm a doctor, actually...
`So it's not a family show then?'—`Well, actually, I think that's exactly what it is.'

____true story 2

____true story 3
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