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нежнейшее сердце дать человеку в удел

замыслила, видно, природа - коль наделила слезами. (с) Ювенал "Сатиры"

An achievement is something which someone has succeeded in doing,
especially after a lot of effort.
Reaching this agreement so quickly was a great achievement...

Pride is a feeling of satisfaction which you have because you or people
close to you have done something good or possess something good.
...the sense of pride in a job well done...
We take pride in offering you the highest standards...
They can look back on their endeavours with pride.

Pride is a sense of the respect that other people have for you, and that you have for yourself.
It was a severe blow to Kendall's pride. = self-esteem

If something frustrates you, it upsets or angers you because you are
unable to do anything about the problems it creates.
These questions frustrated me...
Doesn't it frustrate you that audiences in the theatre are so restricted?

Reverence for someone or something is a feeling of great respect for them.
...showing a deep reverence for their religion.

Elation is a feeling of great happiness and excitement about something that has happened.
His supporters have reacted to the news with elation. = euphoria

If you reminisce about something from your past, you write or talk about it, often with pleasure.
I don't like reminiscing because it makes me feel old.

A conviction is a strong belief or opinion.
It is our firm conviction that a step forward has been taken...
Their religious convictions prevented them from taking up arms.
= belief

If you feel a sense of relief, you feel happy because something unpleasant has not happened or is no longer happening.
I breathed a sigh of relief...
The news will come as a great relief to the French authorities...

If something rejuvenates you, it makes you feel or look young again.
Shelley was advised that the Italian climate would rejuvenate him...

If you vow to do something, you make a serious promise or decision that you will do it.
While many models vow to go back to college, few do...
I solemnly vowed that someday I would return to live in Europe...
`I'll kill him,' she vowed...
They have vowed a quick and decisive response.

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