Vладiмiр (1way_to_english) wrote,

Things You Loved About Being A Kid.

Me too, it's pretty much everything a kid loves-candy and stickers!

YES. I still have all the stickers from mine on a corkboard somewhere.

Omg, I still have a lot of Lisa Frank stuff...

I miss pretending to fall asleep in the car so my dad would carry me to bed. Being shameless. Not losing faith in humanity. No worries. No stress... Then we said w couldn't wait to grow up! What we're we thinking?!

i miss not working.

Everything seemed like a new exciting adventure.......Now everything new is boring and life is money stressful and depressing....Sorry kids but you will never get that perfect wife or husband. Life has a good way to screw your happy plans or suck the fun out of it......

LOL the tamagochis, those were the shit in grade 3.

The summer nights.

Being truly excited and happy.

I miss not giving a shit about anything but pokémon, transformers, and sprite.

Im 13 wanting to grow up go out and drink party get a job get payed my mum keepes. saying your childhood is ur best days of ur life i think it is true but at the same time i dont tell me If it is true thanks.

This made my day.
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