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cost. should. worth. общее значение: стоить.

вчера оказалось, что Лена С. путается в смыслах этих слов.
пользуясь случаем, передаю привет ей и её тренеру Тане).

cost - это иметь цену.
should - о чем-то долго-срочно полезном. или кратко-срочно правильном.
worth - о кратко-срочно приятном. или о том, что окупит вложенные средства.
worth 1
A short cut is a quicker way of getting somewhere than the usual route:
I tried to take a short cut and got lost.

употрбеляется по такой схеме:
this book is worth -стощая- buying. или же
it is worth buying this book.

If you say that something is worth having, you mean that it is pleasant or useful,
and therefore мледовательно- a good thing to have.
He's decided to get a look at the house and see if it might be worth buying...
Most things worth having never come easy.

If something is worth a particular action, or if an action is worth doing, it is considered -считается-
to be important enough for that action:
I am spending a lot of money and time on this boat -лодку-, but it is worth it...
This restaurant is well worth a visit. It is worth pausing -сделатьпаузу- to consider -обдумать-
these statements -утверждения- from Mr Davies.

You use should when you are saying what would be the right thing to do
or the right state -состояние- for something to be in.
I should exercise more. я уже писал про exercise.
The diet should be maintained unchanged for about a year...
He's never going to be able to forget it. And I don't think he should...
Sometimes I am not as brave -смелый- as I should be...
Should our children be taught to swim at school?

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