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If you put something off, you delay -переносите- doing it.
Women who put off having a baby often make the best mothers...
The Association has put the event off until October.
= postpone

If workers are laid off, they are told by their employers to leave their job,
usually because there is no more work for them to do. (BUSINESS)
100,000 federal workers will be laid off to reduce the deficit...
They did not sell a single car for a month and had to lay off workers.

If something comes off, it is successful or effective.
It was a good try but it didn't quite come off...

If someone comes off worst in a contest or conflict, they are in the worst position after it.
If they come off best, they are in the best position.
Some Democrats still have bitter memories of how, against all odds,
they came off worst during the inquiry...

If you come off a drug or medicine, you stop taking it.
...people trying to come off tranquillizers.
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