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люблю сказки. читать и делать жизнь такой ;)

___читайте сказки

A person or animal that is intelligent has the ability to think, understand,
and learn things quickly and well.
Susan's a very bright and intelligent woman who knows her own mind.
They are incapable of thinking intelligently about politics.

Something that is intelligent has the ability to think and understand instead of
doing things automatically or by instinct.
An intelligent computer will be an indispensable diagnostic tool for doctors.

A fairy tale is a story for children involving magical events and imaginary creatures.
She was like a princess in a fairy tale.

A fairy is an imaginary creature with magical powers.
Fairies are often represented as small people with wings.

In legends and fairy stories, a wizard is a man who has magic powers.

If you admire someone because they are very good at doing a particular thing,
you can say that they are a wizard. ...a financial wizard...

A wizard is a computer program that guides you through the stages of a particular task.
Wizards and templates can help you create brochures, calendars, and Web pages.

Magic is the power to use supernatural forces to make impossible things happen,
such as making people disappear or controlling events in nature.
They believe in magic...
Older legends say that Merlin raised the stones by magic.

You can use magic when you are referring to an event that is so wonderful, strange, or unexpected
that it seems as if supernatural powers have caused it.

You can also say that something happens as if by magic or like magic.
All this was supposed to work magic...
The picture will now appear, as if by magic!
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