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дон Хуан называл это контролируемой глупостью).

The truth is ...that everything is bullshit. Some people are religious, others are atheists. Some people republicans, others democrats. Some people like staying home and being parents, others pursue career goals and make money their motivation. Some people are hippies who love pot, some are rebels and students of anarchy. Some people are pant-sagging, hood rat, students of the streets, while a good many have chosen to be academic students of colleges and universities. But at the end of the day, it's ALL bullshit. Each one of these people live their lives this way because they all feel that it's the way they should be living it. Because, at some point, they believed whatever bullshit they heard and so they chose their bullshit.

The idea of life is to pick your bullshit and stick with your bullshit. Never let somebody judge your bullshit or make their bullshit seem better than yours. Only switch your bullshit when you decide to, without the influence of other people's bullshit. And lastly, at the end of the day, never lose sight of the fact that it's all fucking bullshit. That's the truth. I promise. (с) FB

Sounds like a speech the late great George Carlin would have delivered.

You must be fun at parties.

Bullshit was a bad choice of words. I get what you are trying to say, but that is life. We we deal with bullshit. Look, at the end if the day you have to do what makes you happy. If you have a family hopefully making you happy means supporting them. And in turn that family hopefully fulfills a need in you.
If you choose a different path in life and put in extra hours, at the end of the day hopefully that makes you fill good. But bullshit? No. Life is too short to be bullshit my friend. Trust me on that.

“Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.” ― Bill Hicks

Wow what a bunch of bullshit.

I guess there are different forms of bullshit. Bullshit that matters and bullshit that doesn't. The pursuit of knowledge through science, which gave humans the ability to transplant a heart from a deceased person into the chest of a needy child, whom otherwise would never get to live life. I guess that's bullshit too.
You will always find people who try to label everything, or put things in little boxes. We know what this behavior comes from. Mental failure. They can't understand something or don't know something, so they pretend that whatever it is they don't understand or don't know, has no importance at all, making them feel better about being mentally deficient. The author of this little piece lives under a mountain of ignorance.

Now that was some beautifully said bullshit!

The Bible called it vanity...but it meant bullshit. Monty Python got it right when they explained the meaning of Life...treat one another well and try to get some exercise occasionally.

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