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наше неприятие. по мере усиления.

don't really like -> don't like it very much -> don't like ->
dislike -> hate -> can't stand.

If you deal with a particular -конкретной- person or organization, you have
business relations -отношения- with them.

If you dislike someone or something, you consider them to be unpleasant and do not like them.
We don't serve liver -печень- often because so many people dislike it.
David began to dislike all his television heroes who smoked.

dislike - более книжное и сильнее, чем don't like.

hate часто переводят как ненавижу. русское ненавижу сильнее, чем hate.
hate - очень не люблю.

If you say that you hate something such as a particular activity, you mean that you find it very unpleasant.
Ted hated parties, even gatherings -собирая- of people he liked individually.
He hates to be interrupted -прерван- during training.
He hated coming home to the empty -пустой- house.
I hate it when people accuse -обвиняют- us of that.

can't stand - не выношу, не могу терпеть.

If something can stand a situation or a test, it is good enough or strong enough to experience it
without being damaged -поврежден, harmed -поврежден-2, or shown to be inadequate.

If you cannot stand something, you cannot bear -выносить- it or tolerate it.
I can't stand any more. I'm going to run away.
How does he stand the pain -боль? She couldn't stand his blunt -тупую manner.
Well, I can't stand here chatting all day. He can't stand me smoking.


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