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A Day with a Russian Billionaire.

To see how the .00001% lives, we met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko
and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow.

за 8-ми-минутный ролик спасибо Игорю Каирову.

English speaking people, please read. People like this'' rich'' people did not earn this money, he is an ordinary Russian thief. all his panel status is based on blood and corpses. just a soul hurts looking at this shame ...


this report is soooo full of shit, cmon Vice...

Про miss World 2006 - голимая наводка.
А вот как в реальности было:
Miss World 2006 Czech Republic - Taťána Kuchařová
1st Runner-up Romania - Ioana Boitor
2nd Runner-up Australia - Sabrina Houssami
Top 6 Angola - Stiviandra Oliveira Brazil - Jane Borges Jamaica - Sara Lawrence Canada - Malgosia Majewska Ghana - Lamisi Mbillah India - Natasha Suri Namibia - Anna Nashandi
Не было там бляди его. Балеринка из заштатного театрика.

russian girls are hot. i wanna marry one. i am from nepal.
nepal and russia should unite and destroy the western countries like usa.
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