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чтобы кем-то стать, нужно рисковать и работать.

работать и рисковать.


If you leap, you jump high in the air or jump a long distance.
He had leapt from a window in the building and escaped...
The man threw his arms out as he leapt.
= jump

A leap is a large and important change, increase, or advance. (JOURNALISM)
The result has been a giant leap in productivity.
...the leap in the unemployed from 35,000 to 75,000...
Contemporary art has taken a huge leap forward in the last five or six years.

If you have faith in someone or something, you feel confident about their ability or goodness.
She had placed a great deal of faith in Mr Penleigh...
People have lost faith in the British Parliament
. = confidence

Faith is strong religious belief in a particular God.
Umberto Eco's loss of his own religious faith is reflected in his novels.
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