Vладiмiр (1way_to_english) wrote,

безусловная любовь.

___любовь котов

переведите. трать время на тех, кто любит тебя безусловно. не трать
его на тех, кто любит тебя только, когда условия подходящие для них. (с)

If you describe something as unconditional, you mean that the person doing or giving it
does not require anything to be done by other people in exchange. ≠ conditional
           Children need unconditional love...
           The leader of the revolt made an unconditional surrender early this morning.
The hostages were released unconditionally.

If something such as a choice, action, or decision is the right one, it is the best or most suitable one.
          She'd made the right choice in leaving New York...
           The right decision was made, but probably for the wrong reasons...
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