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don't take it for granted.

ответ на вчерашнее задание. вчерашний пост another, the other, other, others. разница.

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what it means 1

I think it has something to do with pain. Some people know what pain feels like when it comes and some people are don't really know when it's happening or when it's coming. (с)

Some people enjoy things in life. Others take it for granted. (с)

If you take something for granted, you believe that it is true or accept it
as normal without thinking about it.
I was amazed that virtually all the things I took for granted up north just didn't happen in London.

I think this refers to two kinds of people... the first kind are those who see things at face value, and feel things very plainly - basically those who have little depth to their thoughts/aren't really 'deep thinkers'. the other kind are people who see things on a much deeper level, are far more emotionally involved in the things they do, and feel on a much more intimate level - these i believe are the people who 'feel' the rain. and i believe the quote was originally from Roger Miller, not Bob Marley. (c)
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