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Six Things You Can Do To Show Your Affection.

“Committed relationship” is not a synonym for “Get comfortable.”

It’s during the chase-phase of a relationship that everyone expects a high performance. But it’s after you have committed to your partner when the real relationship work begins. You’re committed and there’s no better way to show your commitment than with ongoing efforts in affection.

[толкование слов affection, commit...]If you regard someone or something with affection, you like them and are fond of them.
She thought of him with affection...
She had developed quite an affection for the place.

If you commit yourself to something, you say that you will definitely do it. If you
commit yourself to someone, you decide that you want to have a long-term relationship with them.
I would advise people to think very carefully about committing themselves to working Sundays...
I'd like a friendship that might lead to something deeper, but I wouldn't want to commit myself too soon...
You don't have to commit to anything over the phone.

#1 Text Message: Right before your partner gets off work, send them a “Meet me here [insert location], right now” text message. It could be your favorite happy hour place for a cocktail. It could be a park on a sunny day, where you can walk, hold hands, and just have time alone together after a crazy work day. Think about what best suits your personalities and needs.

#2 Bring Home A Pint: ...of ice cream. Surprise your partner with their favorite ice cream, dessert, wine, etc. Think of what they like – it doesn’t have to be expensive – and do something nice just because it’s Tuesday.

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#3 Unexpected Email: Use the time you reserve for reading your Twitter feed to send your partner an email. Similar to leaving a note, tell your partner what you love about them. почему them?

#4 Slow Dance Moves: Have your “song” ready to play on your computer, iPod deck, CD player, whatever. Surprise your partner by playing it and share a slow dance in your living room.

#5 Touching: Remember all that touching you used to do before you got “comfortable”? Trace your partner’s forearm or thigh with your fingertips the next time you’re anchored to the couch. If you’re really feeling ambitious, offer a neck rub just because you can, and without expecting one in return.

#6 Notes On The Bathroom Mirror: Leave a note on the bathroom mirror telling your partner how you appreciate them, how you love them, and/or what you love about them. You could also leave a note by the coffeepot or in a jacket pocket. источник.

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