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три простых диалога об одном и том же.

A: Hello, may I speak to Alice please?
B: It's me. How's it going?
A: I've been trying to call you all day.
B: Sorry about that. I was cleaning up.
A: It's okay.
B: So what were you calling me about?
A: Oh, I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out tomorrow.
B: Sure, what did you want to do?
A: Maybe we can go see a movie or something.
B: That sounds like fun. Let's do it.
A: I'll see you tomorrow then.
B: See you then. Goodbye.

A: Hi, how are you. Is Alice there?
B: Speaking. What's up?
A: Why haven't you answered the phone?
B: My bad, I had chores to do.
A: That's all right.
B: What was the reason for your call?
A: I want to do something tomorrow with you.
B: Sounds good. What did you have in mind?
A: I was thinking about seeing a movie.
B: Okay, let's go see a movie.
A: Until then.
B: Talk to you later.

[толкование слова chores...]Chores are tasks such as cleaning, washing, and ironing that have to be done regularly at home.
My husband and I both go out to work so we share the household chores.

A: Is Alice available?
B: You're talking to her.
A: I've called you a hundred times today.
B: I was busy doing something. I apologize.
A: No problem.
B: Did you need something?
A: Did you want to do something tomorrow?
B: Is there somewhere special you wanted to go?
A: How about a movie?
B: A movie sounds good.
A: Call me tomorrow then.
B: I will see you tomorrow.

[толкование слова available...]If something you want or need is available, you can find it or obtain it.
Since 1978, the amount of money available to buy books has fallen by 17%.
There are three small boats available for hire.

Someone who is available is not busy and is therefore free to talk to you or to do a particular task.
Mr Leach is on holiday and was not available for comment.
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