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when, while, as - разница. так - so и this way.


ответ на позавчерашнее задание. 1-There is an assumption that 2-as we get older we will get wiser; not true, I'm afraid. Wisdom 3-isn't about not making mistakes, but 4-about learning to escape afterward with our dignity-достоинством and sanity intact. You can look at it 5-this way - 6-the older you get, the more areas you've covered to make mistakes in. Youth gives a chance to make all the mistakes you can and get them out of the way.

when, while, as - часто взаимозаменяемы. но
while обычно для случаев, когда мы показываем краткосрочные
одновременно происходящие события.  whilе she was cooking, I was reading.
as обычно для долгосрочных одновременно развивающихся событий. As I get older, I get wiser.

знать - узнать. know. learn. find out. get to know.

суть в том, что... натуральней всего так передаем: is about ...ing

____be about ing

так -> so, если усиливаем прилагательное. it's so nice.
так -> this way, если "так" стоит в конце предложения.

the... the... чем --ее, тем --ее. - уже был у меня пост.

this way

People say you should do it this way, someone else suggests that, yes, there's financing, but maybe you should use this actor. And there are the threats, at the end - if you don't do it this way, you'll lose your box office; if you don't do it that way, you'll never get financed again... 35, 40 years of this, you get beat up. (с) Martin Scorsese

I look at it this way: the WNBA is 13 years young. I think eventually women will get to that point, maybe in my daughter's generation, where their salaries will be similar to men's. But we're still starting off, like, where the NBA was back in the 1950s. (с) Candace Parker
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