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Why Do We Kiss? ролик на английском языке.

о природно-физиологических причинах.
под катом - важные слова, которые могут быть сложными для перевода.
вообще, когда наши эмоции глубоко затронуты - вещи усваиваются намного лучше.

An average person or thing is typical or normal.
The average adult man burns 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day.

If you describe something or someone as weird, you mean that they are strange. (INFORMAL)
He's different. He's weird.
Drugs can make you do all kinds of weird things.
It must be really weird to be rich.

When there is a reduction in something, it is made smaller.
...a future reduction in UK interest rates.

If something happens by accident, it happens completely by chance - случайно.
She discovered the problem by accident.

If you feed a person or animal, you give them food to eat and sometimes actually put it in their mouths.
We brought along pieces of old bread and fed the birds.
In that part of the world you can feed cattle on almost any green vegetable or fruit.
He spooned the ice cream into a cup and fed it to her.

Saliva is the watery liquid that forms in your mouth and helps you to chew and digest food.

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