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градации силы. переведите.


быть сильным не всегда значит, что ты должен сражаться в битве-battle.
иногда настоящая сила - быть достаточно зрелым,
чтобы уйти прочь от глупости-nonsense. (с)

If you fight something unpleasant, you try in a determined way to prevent it or stop it happening.
More units to fight forest fires are planned...
I've spent a lifetime fighting against racism and prejudice.

If you fight for something, you try in a determined way to get it or achieve it.
Our Government should be fighting for an end to food subsidies...
I told him how we had fought to hold on to the company...
The team has fought its way to the cup final.

If an army or group fights -без предлога, наш случай- a battle with another army or group,
they oppose each other with weapons. You can also say that two armies or groups fight a battle.
The two men fought a battle over land and water rights... In the latest incident at the weekend
police fought a gun battle with a gang which used hand grenades against them...
The Sioux had always fought other tribes for territorial rights.

If a person or army fights in a battle or a war, they take part in it.
He fought in the war and was taken prisoner by the Americans...
If I were a young man I would sooner go to prison than fight for this country...
My father did leave his university to fight the Germans...
Last month rebels fought their way into the capital.

If one person fights with another, or fights them, the two people hit or kick each other
because they want to hurt each other. You can also say that two people fight.
As a child she fought with her younger sister...
I did fight him, I punched him but it was like hitting a wall...
He wrenched the crutch from Jacob, who didn't fight him for it...
I refuse to act that way when my kids fight...
You get a lot of unruly drunks fighting each other.
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