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So I've been lurking here for most of the winter, and now that spring is here, I thought I'd give it a shot.

No warnings, just some rejection letter stuff . Possibly a  mild curse word or two. Otherwise, lots of kitties, lots of screen shots, and lots of boring. Sorry...School is wrapping up and I'm senior in college so.....super boring.

1st up is a weather check so I can be sure my outfit is weather appropriate. I think I can get away with a dress at 84 degrees.
After a temperature check (the image above the cut), shower time. I normally shower at night but sometimes getting up requires a quick shower to wake up.
getting ready- teeth to brush, contacts to put in (I debate those for a bit) generic Claritin to take (Spring is best viewed through a closed window for me)
Time check (that's not - I repeat NOT- Zooey Daschnel [or however her last name is spelled] that is Maureen Starkey, Ringo Starr's first wife. I <3 this woman so much. I'm a huge Beatle fan but the wives hold a special place for me, especially the first wives/girlfriend, and Maureen is my ...I don't know if idol is the word I want. I jokingly call her my spirit animal sometimes.)
Water Louisa the aloe plant (my brother says I should name my plants so I remember to water them and so far it works)
Where is the sun I was promised? It's spring, I'm done with gray and clouds
Good morning to Halo who is made because Louisa the plant takes up his spot on the window sill.
All the kitties slowly trek into my room, I don't know why. That's Art. He's my baby but he's spoiled as anything.
Dressed and debating the contacts. I've only got one class but I have my volunteering and if the sun comes out, I like sunglasses better than my Transitions glasses because I can immediately adjust inside instead of waiting for the gray to fade on my glasses.
As I'm debating this, Layla, the only lady of the three comes in and plops on my bed. Also, see the shrine as it were to The Beatles. I owe some of my best friends to them in a way and I kind of just love them a lot. Ringo's my absolute favorite but John and George are tied for the #2 spot and Paul inches in at the end if I have to play favorites.
Contacts are decided upon, hair is put up, and I'm off to do my volunteering.
Except first the car needs a drink and I've got a few minutes to spare so I decide to stop and do that first.
I am what the school calls an Eager Beaver Reader and every Thursday I go in around 8 (well I start reading at 8:10 ish) to read to fourth graders. It is my favorite part of the day, of the weeks sometimes.  I am nearly done with The Giver which was one of my favorite books at that age or about 3rd grade. And still is at age 26 come to think of it. It made a lifelong lover of dystopian literature (I was the only kid in my 9th grade [I think...maybe 10th] class that didn't hate Fahrenheit 451 or at least didn't get put off by how 'weird' it was) Fun fact: It's been 20 years since The Giver was first published.

Done- I wish I could read longer but I only get 10 or so minutes of their attention. I've pushed 15 but that's rare.
~20 minute drive to school obviously not pictured. Sadly I didn't get any good stop lights 'cause for what it's worth, the road I drive down, Monument Ave is really pretty in the spring.
Safe at the parking deck.
Walking music for my walk to school. One of the few Pandora stations I have 'trained' almost perfectly to not need much skipping and it's a bit of a hike to school from my deck so I like to go with a station I don't have to stop and skip every few minutes. (also, I have a serious crush on Tom Petty's singing voice- just enough drawl to be attractive but not so thick it's uncomfortable and ...just yum)
Broad St, Richmond VA. A portion of my journey.
The Siegel Center, the main arena for sports. Also, sun starting to peer through the clouds.
foot shot by accident  : I was going to take a shot of one of the maps/directories by the bookstore but some guy seemed to think I was up to know good judging by the look he gave as I raised my phone to do so. I go into said bookstore to cut some of the monotony out of my walk. Also...
To get breakfast. I end up throwing half of that away, cause it was gross.
Walk through the construction on both sides of the side walk. I've been at VCU for 3 years as a transfer student  from the community college system and there has been construction on this road all three years.
More construction on the other side.
I have arrived. :)
Time check- class isn't until 11, I can get in at 10:45 when the other class lets out. I find out my brother has played me on Scrabble and it's my turn. He's beating me in this game sadly :/ But I won the last few. (Also, the cat named Layla is apparently not named after the Clapton song but I still am known to sing it to her badly sometimes)

I decide the latte isn't cutting it, and that it's time for real breakfast of some sort.

More waiting, I go into the building at least, and read Cracked, listen to more music, and slip my feet out of the wedges I wore trying to be professional. I really am a flats or all over platform shoe girl.

Finally into class. Rough draft ready to be edited and peer reviewed.
But first : Eye drops. Dry contacts are evil.
Not pictured, my rough draft with notes and everything on it.
Class ends at 12:15, I decide to stick with my iTunes and Ringo, just cause I don't know which station I want on Pandora.

Random selfy. Note the fact the sun has finally come out. As I'm about to leave.
Start the walk back to the garage. Love the flowers, glad the allergy meds are working.
That Waffle House needs to be open in the next week or so, so I can stop there just once for hashbrowns before or after class. I'm TRYING to be good but I love some comfort food.
I can't figure out if the height sticker thing in the stairwell of my deck is right or not. I'm 5'2" and that has me at 5'6" with heels. I don't think they're 4 inches tall but they might be. I don't mean to look so angry, I just concentrate hard on self portraits.

My car. My baby, safe where I left her. So glad to be going home.
Here's home.
The guard cat, Art, says hello DITL :D
My room, as it is on the entrance level, the first you see when you my sign from The Cavern (a souvenir of sorts from Liverpool : I bought it online after getting back  cause my cash flow was low in England but it still counts) is more appropriate than the old house where all the bedrooms were on the second floor.
Climb epic stairs to say hello to the other two sunning themselves.
Layla, looking at me like 'why are you interrupting my nap?'.
Halo gives me the same look. This is sunning time, lady. Not pet time
Art is not pleased.
Lunch....yeah. I'm not creative.  Take that down to my room and climb onto my bed to watch lame tv . But first...

Play another Scrabble turn . Then ...

I watch an episode of Duck Dynasty. It's so funny. I love it and I'm invested in the family, even if the show is like most reality shows fake or highly edited, I don't care. I'm invested in them as characters.

Outside in my back entrance/gravel pit with Art. I have eagerly lost the shoes of doom at this point. I am NOT meant to wear wedges.
Hi again.

Back inside, I watch Storage Wars, and don't take many screenshots except
Barry getting covered in confetti. Because it made me legitimately LOL.
Contacts off  and into their case, back on with the glasses.

Feed the kitties, who eat like it all is going to get up and walk away on them.
Then comes :
the email that sort of sets my world into a spin for a few days. I still am but at least I VAGUELY know a few different directions to what to do with myself. But that was not a happy moment. I really don't know what I did wrong and I was so sure and to make all the way to the final interview and get told no is really soul crushing.
Mom comes home and we go on a walk to get out and enjoy the day and try to take my mind off the rejection.
They've really cleaned up this park near us or at least some of it and it's a really nice walk to take sometimes.
Blurry shot of a duck at the pond .
I keep hoping they'll fix up the stage and put on shows here again, especially now that I'll be in Richmond another year at least.

Dinner is Subway.
I watch something mindless with my mom then go down and watch mindless stuff on the internet to take my mind off of things some more. I decided to skip classes Friday (well, my first class was cancelled and I didn't see a point in driving 20 minutes for one class that was only going to be a quick review of powerpoints at the computer lab)  :
Confession time, I have an interest in  Northern England as a whole ,and I have a thing for soap operas and melodrama. So finding out that Hulu has Coronation Street was pretty much a blessing , even if it is a week or more  behind, I just jumped in with the start of April and I'm in love. I needed someone having a worse day than me. It delivers in spades. (I'm only as far as Sunita's death roughly and I more or less jumped in an episode before that but I was hooked.
I do some more mindless Hulu and/or other internetting then hop on Skype and whine about things with Teach For America to a friend of mine.
we agree to have Cinnabon soon to take care of our various emotional hurts. I know, I know, emotional eating is bad but sometimes you just need it. I told her I was going to have a Jack Daniels shot but I actually end up falling asleep shortly after. Next time I'll take a pic toward the end of the day, but it was one of those 'I'll just rest my eyes' and then I fell asleep in my work out clothes nights.

So to make up for that, here is one of my outtakes because I suck at screencapping but I like how it turned out, I got it just as the screen was closing out.
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