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из американского сообщества "Один Мой День". под катом много бытовухи,
поездка через город, и небольшой фотоотчет о выставке разных ручных поделок.
предложения все короткие и грамматически простые. много фотографий.

oригинал взят у 42itous в Thursday, April 18, 2013
Thursday April 18, 2013: A Day In The Life

3:12 am
While feeding the baby in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I remember that it's a DITL day. My last DITL was in September.

bottle of breastmilk in the fridge
I'm trying to unclog a duct, so while I feed the baby from one side, I pump from the other.

a light on a side table and a pea plant
The house is peaceful at this hour. I go back to bed.

6 am
I wake up at 6 and the house is still quiet.

surprisingly non-bleary mirror self-portrait
Pretend this is a smile (I thought I was smiling).

149 lbs
13 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight, not too bad.

sleeping baby in crib
The baby's still asleep.

two rubber duckies on top of the shower doors
Take a quick shower.

a breast pump in a cosleeping bassinet
The baby is inexplicably still asleep, so I set up the pump.

baby's hand with lens cap and cellphone
Oops, she must've heard the pump and gotten jealous. Husband brings her in and I feed her...

cup of dry cereal, bottle of water
…and myself.

heating pad
I'm supposed to cook my boob to help unclog that duct.

man sock on baby foot
Husband does silly things with baby.

cardboard box full of pink tissue paper and confetti
Then he packs up his mother's birthday gift and leaves for work.

cellphone and mom clothes
I check the weather and get dressed.

striped pajamas
Baby changes from nightgown into pajamas, because if you could wear pajamas all day, wouldn't you?

me, dressed: another mirror shot

daffodils between the driveway and the garage
It's a beautiful day out.

stripey feet
Baby naps in her bouncy seat.

quart of trail mix
I catch up on email and other online business and eat more stopgap measures.

silly online banking security measures
I can't do my banking without making the phone ring. Grrr.

a book of poetry, a summer dress, and some greeting cards
Write a couple of thank-you notes for baby gifts...

two envelopes on the mail table
…and put them on the mail table to go out.

maternity and baby clothes
Put together a donation for the library thrift shop.

a prodigious stack of packing and wrapping materials
Stow boxes, tissue paper, and gift bags. I need to deal with cardboard boxes soon.

pump funnels in a patch of sun on the kitchen counter
Must do dishes; I'm going to need these again in a few hours.

90.9 FM WBUR
Turn on the kitchen radio.

9:47 am

strawberries and mango in a bowl
Put together real food for second (or is it third?) breakfast.

toast with cream cheese and grape jelly

clean dishes in the dishwasher, dirty dishes on the counter
Before I can wash dishes, I have to put the clean ones away.

countertop clear, clean dishes in dish drain
Ahhhhh, that's better.

upside-down bikes and overhead pipes
Since the baby's still napping, I go downstairs to flip the laundry.

washer and dryer
That yellow note is to remind me...

colorful hand-knit baby sweater
…that this doesn't go in the dryer.

10:29 am

two glasses of water and a timer
Set a timer to rescue shirts from the dryer (and refill my water glasses).

vitamins and minerals
Take today's vitamins...

eight little cups with vitamins in them
…and prep more for the next week or so. This provides me more sensory pleasure than it probably should, and reminds me of playing mancala with dried beans.

Go to the bathroom, and afterward admire my stretch marks which are fading.

movie still of three sisters waving from a train
The baby wakes up hungry and I finish watching this movie while I feed her. I'm not telling you what movie it is in case someone wants to show off by identifying it.

The timer for the shirts in the dryer goes off in the kitchen while I'm in the living room with a baby attached to my boob. I'm very proud of myself for turning off the timer without detaching the baby!

baby feet and a stack of diapers
Diaper change.

another mirror shot
Then I remember the shirts in the dryer. Baby is too fussy to leave her up here, so I put her in a sling.

Shirts rescued.

I decide it's time to set up this toy that some friends gave us.

baby in crib
Baby falls asleep, so I try putting her in her crib so I can take a nap...

fruit and two phones
…but I remember I haven't finished my breakfast, so I take that to bed with me...

article about how hospitals handled trauma patients after the marathon bombing
…and read for a few minutes...

baby's hand with toys in the Gymbroee
…but naptime in the crib is not to be.

11:57 am
What was that, fifteen minutes? That's longer than she's slept in the crib in daytime before!

an iron and a map of the world
Since she seems happy enough on the play mat (she soon goes back to sleep), I do a bit of decorating,

world map on the wall over the crib

a bag of kitchen trash and a bag of diapers
take out the trash,

orange juice and lo mein
eat leftover lo mein for lunch,

neatly folded stacks of clean clothes and towels
bring laundry up from the basement, fold it, and put it away,

on her side on the play mat
(wow, baby's still sleeping!)

email the husband,

and get ready

to go out.

bag of bags and clothes
First stop: bring donation to the library.

children's resale shop inside the library
The shop is closed for lunch, but the librarian says I can leave my bag by its door.

magnolia tree in bloom
It's a gorgeous day out.

house painters at work
I think the owners of this house got carried away with the idea that everything turns green in the spring.

buying a bottle of water, two pacifiers, and eight double-A batteries
Next stop, CVS.

a weeping flowering tree hanging over a tiny pond with orange fish
On the way home, I notice that someone has populated their pond with fish!

2:38 pm
Time to get ready to go out on my own.

feet on bathroom floor

battery pack has been charged
I collect my camera accessories, including freshly charged battery. Not pictured because I was running out of time: pack a snack, feed the baby, and hand her off to a friend-and-neighbor who's come to babysit until husband gets home from work.

my reflection in a door at the bus stop
At the bus stop, a self-portrait silhouette, in costume as professional photographer. I have my tripod with me, but the only photography equipment in the bag are two lenses and a spare battery.

3:42 pm on the bus
Close enough to on-time that I'm not stressed. Sitting on the bus, I wonder if anyone around me suspects that my bag has more milk-pumping equipment than photography equipment in it.

Porter Square
Get off the bus at Porter.

boarded-up store front with graffiti that reads Bring The Funk
Snap a photo that I want to post to the Door Window Wall community.

subway toll mezzanine from above
Then down into the T.

woman waves from the up escalator
As I descend, I see a friend on her way up.

Porter Square station has some quirky sculpture from when it was built in the '70s, including these endearing bronze gloves tumbling down between the escalators.

middle-aged white guy playing steel guitar
The busker's pretty good, and I put a dollar in his case.

the train at the inbound platform
Get on a train.

Boston skyline as seen from the Longfellow Bridge
Boston is bruised but not broken.

At South Station I'm confused at first and find myself on the wrong platform.

4:20 pm on the Red Line platform
Not going to Alewife!

Retrace my steps and follow the signs more carefully.

toll mezzanine
I note the location of the elevator, which I'll need if I take the T on Saturday, since I'll have the baby with me.

Silver Line platform
That's better.

4:25 pm
The Silver Line is just a bus for now, but it's articulated! Also sometimes a bumpy ride.

Seaport/World Trade Center stop, with wavy blue lighting
I get off the bus here.

a white magnolia and a pink pome tree
The trees along my walk are just wonderful!

neoclassical facade
The flags are at half-staff because of the bombing on Monday. I walk through the arch and into the building beyond.

huge cavernous room with blue carpeting, a bar, cafe tables, and artists' booths
I have to ask a security guard for directions to the event, and when I get there I find that I'm entering through the back of the hall.

cafe tables with sparkly decorations
The place is set for tonight's gala.

an artist's booth with scarves and other wearable art
I find the artist with whom I exchanged emails and do the booth shots she wanted.

a jeweler's booth
I do booth shots for two jewelers in the next aisle.

the program and a time check: 5:51pm
I locate the volunteers' room, stow my pump bag, tripod, and jacket under a table, change lenses, and ask the volunteer coordinator about where I can pump when I need to later. Then I wander around the hall looking at things. The event starts at 6.

two artists talk with each other
I have two assignments: photograph the awards ceremony, and get shots of patrons interacting with artists or their work. This one is of two artists (you can tell by their red lanyards), which sort of counts.

felted lapel pins that look like licorice allsorts
In addition to my assignment, I enjoy photographing the art itself. Isn't it delicious?

handmade shoes

colorful sanded clay bowls

a chair made of traffic signs

black-and-white clay birds

three artists conversing

an artist talking with two others

a mother and baby in a pottery booth
I meet an artist who has her eight-month-old baby with her. She laughs sympathetically when I tell her I've got to go pump.

pumping equipment set up
I sit in a private office and have a snack of dried fruit, nuts, and a cookie.

7:27 pm and about four ounces of milk
By the time I'm done, it's almost time for the awards ceremony.

woman with microphone
Because of angles and backlighting and the fact that the tripod was the wrong choice, I got no good photos of awards actually being awarded,

a group of people laughing
but I got a few good ones of all the award recipients and board members. They were having a lot of fun, which is the important thing.

jeweler showing a piece to a couple

potter reading something on his phone

man holding up a quilt and smiling
This quilt is a collaboration between a weaver whose fabric gets turned into jackets and a quilter who took 40 years' worth of scraps left over from making those jackets and turned them into this king-sized log-cabin-and-strip-pieced quilt.

jeweler and two customers

two men talking

a basket-weaver talking with customers

two jewelers talking with another artist

myself in a full-length mirror
Bathroom break. By now I'm getting a headache from all the lights and smiling too much.

a sculptor entertains a crowd in his booth

a fabric printer talks with two others

colorful wobbly-shaped basket

people chatting around cafe tables
By the time I realize that my headache might be caused partly by hunger, the food is pretty much gone. It's the end of the evening.

a car with a mustache instead of a license plate
Husband picks me up out front. I sit in the back and give the baby a kiss. I've missed her.

blurry picture of cars and a motorcycle in a curving tunnel
We go through tunnels on the way home.

baby lying belly-down on husband's arm like a tree sloth
Baby has colic and husband takes her up to his office so I'll be able to sleep.

blurry screenshot of email
Send a quick email response to a friend.

pump in bassinet again
Set up the pump in its bassinet by the bed. (We used to try to put the baby in the bassinet, but she didn't manage to stay asleep there very often, and when she did she squirmed and squeaked so much we couldn't sleep in the same room!)

kitchen clock (9:53) and turkey pastrami
Grab a few bites to eat and a time check.

10:19 on the cellphone, three ounces of milk in the bottle
Pump and read. I forgot to take a photo of it, but I'm reading a book called Breeder, which is essays by young parents and is sometimes funny, sometimes heart-warming, and sometimes heart-breaking, but always a good read.

toothbrush with toothpaste and cup of water

hand lotion and lip balm

night light
Goodnight, Wilbur. (And goodnight Fern.)

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