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переведите выделенное... Rule 1. Keep it under your hat. You are about to become a Rules Player. You are about to 1-обнаружить ways to become positive, happy, and successful in everything you do. So 2-нет никакой необходимости to say 3-что-то кому-то about it. Keep quiet. 4-Никто не любит a smart arseзадница. That's it. – Вот так вот. First Rule: Keep It Under Your Hat.

5-Могут быть времена when you 6-таки want to talk to other people about what you're doing because, quite naturally, you want to 7-разделить it with somebody. Well, you can't and you don't. Let people 8-узнать for themselves with no clues from you. 9-Это типа when you 10-прекращаете smoking and
suddenly find this new healthier way of living and you simply have to convert all your old smoking friends. Trouble is, they aren't ready to 11-бросить yet and you find they label you as smug or self-righteous or, even worse, an ex-smoker. And how we all hate those.

So the first Rule is, quite simply, don't propagate, try to convert, shout from the rooftops,12-или даже упоминать об этом. You will get a warm glow 13-от того, что поменяли ваш подход к жизни and having people ask what it is you have done, are doing, and you can say that it's nothing, merely a sunny day and you feel better. 14-нет никакой необходимости to go into any detail because 15-это не совсем то, что people want to know.
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